Monday, September 30, 2013

Still Life Study from Michael Siegel Workshop, Sacramento

This is the painting I did this past weekend in our Michael Siegel Workshop here at my studio.  I learned so much and am so appreciative to study with this master artist who came up from LA to teach us.  I wish he lived here so I could take his class every week!!
11 x 14
Still Life Study
oil on linen board

Monday, September 16, 2013

Black Shoe Love

So the owner of the black pumps finally came by the studio because she had left them here after an event she put on with the Sacramento Business Journal a few weeks ago.   (black pumps have never been the answer to  an after-event clean up)

Guild Theater-- from the Oak Park Treasures Collection

A recent Guild Theater painting I did for my Oak Park Treasures Collection, featuring images of the past, transformations of today, and the renaissance of tomorrow.
18 x 24
oil on canvas

From the Oak Park Treasures Collection of Paintings

Here's my latest painting of the old Coca Cola building.
This painting of the old Coca Cola I did several years ago. One of my most favorite buildings in Sacramento

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Black Shoes

I'm on a black shoe painting kick.  One of several in a series I'm doing.
6 x 8
oil on canvas

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Sunflower study 2

Another sunflower study.  Painted these last night in the studio instead of going to friend's dinner party.  A little obsessed with the sunflower theme at the moment.
oil on linen

Sunflower study 1

Bought some sunflowers the other day from Safeway and cannot stop painting them.  In love with sunflowers at the moment. 
oil on linen

Art exhibit at the Art, Wine, and Food Classic with NeighborWorks

It was a fun event and I met lots of new people who viewed my artwork, enjoyed some great food and wine that evening, and listened to some pleasant live music near my vendor table.