Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Montana Plein Air Paint Trip

A beautiful spot in Glacier Park to set up and paint. 

It was unusually hot while my painting pal, Abigail Van Cannon, and I were up in Montana painting.  A cool breeze blowing off the Middle Fork of the Flathead River provided the perfect air conditioning for us. 

Lunch break and then we'll get another painting done before heading back to my dad's house.  He still lives in the same house where I grew up, which is  about 30 minutes from where we are here in Glacier Park.  

While we were painting here by these raging waters, a whole group of horses and riders walked by us and over the bridge. 
I know for certain that growing up in this breath taking beautiful scenery has influenced my art and my passion for plein air landscape painting.  Another magnificent scene to behold.

Back at my dad's house.  I grew up on these 20 acres of of gorgeous landscape under the big sky. No doubt that my art today is influenced by the beauty that surrounded me as a young person.
It's haying season now and lots of work to get it cut, raked, baled, and hauled into the barn.  I remember having to help get the haying all done.  Hard work for sure.  

Montana, Montana, glory of the west
Of all the states from coast to coast,
You're easily the best!